CNC Routing

Kemsigns is equipped with a CNC Router which can machine material 1800 x 3600 x 100mm thick.

We use the router to cut shapes and letters for the manufacture of 3D signs and 3D Illuminated signs. As it can also machine acrylic, timber, plastics and composite panel, we use the router in the production of a number of products and signs.
We cut shapes from acrylic for screen printing illuminated panels as well as windows and panels for fitment to various machines.

The router is also used to score composite panel to allow folding. This is part of the process in constructing lightboxes as well as some pylon signs.

There are different thicknesses and types of plastics that we can rout to shape, to form letters and shapes. With the accuracy of the router we can cut the same shapes from a different material that becomes the face of the shape or letter. There are a huge variety of finishes available, as well as painting and vinyl films as an option.

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