Screen Printing

Kemsigns is equipped to offer a Screen Printing service to the Public and Trade. The screen printing department here at Kemsigns is able to offer specialized printing on a wide range of items and materials. We are able to print directly onto stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic and various plastics. With the equipment we have here, we are able to set up to print onto fabricated panels and faceplates. We often produce name plates and engravable compliance plates for engineering and machinery applications.

Our two pack inks offer a high quality, long lasting finish on metals, ideal for harsh environments.

Screen printed stickers and decals are also a great option for those harsh environments and because of the printing process the colours are rich and vivid and can usually out last digital printing. We are able to print on a range of self-adhesive polyesters, which are extremely stable and heat resistant materials.

We also have an aluminium foil which is indentable when marked with a ball point pen. Ideal for maintenance schedules.

Screen printing is ideally more economical on larger quantities though, mainly due to setup costs.

Screen printing has been around for a long time and offers versatility not available to other printing processes.

Some of the work we specialise in is reproduction stickers and labels for vehicles. Most of these were originally screen printed, so we can accurately match original samples.

Colourbond steel

Aluminium and Stainless-Steel plates for machine tags & labels that can also be engraved.

Plastics, including acrylic, Hips and polycarbonate.

Polypropylene for membrane labels.

All types of stickers and labels

Screen Printing Variety

  • Safety and warning labels
  • Product branding
  • Instruction labels.
  • Compliance labels
  • Wall decals
  • Window decals
  • Business stickers or labels
  • Car & Bumper stickers
  • Domed labels.

Advantages of Screen Printing:

Can be directly printed onto metals and plastics with strong vibrant colours
Offers longer life in harsh environments
More economical on higher quantities


Why Kemsigns?

  • We are professionals in sign writing with over 28 years of experience
  • We using high-quality products and latest printing technology
  • We ensure our 100% customer satisfaction
  • Complete Banner installation
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